World of Tanks Free Gold Codes Generator 2012

     World of Tanks has been rumbling along in open beta for a while now, but we're reviewing it as a boxed copy is making its way onto the UK high street this week - despite the fact that it's free to play online (more on this later). It's a team-based shooter which draws heavily from its first-person cousins, giving you the opportunity to take control of tanks from the classic era of armoured combat while also shedding any pretence of being a serious vehicle sim. You still point and shoot, but you do it at a rather slower and more considered pace. If you can imagine Day of Defeat as a lithe and limber ninja, then World of Tanks is a stoic sumo with a particular and very patient style.

  •     Download application by clicking one of the links above
  •     Unpack the archive
  •     Run the application
  •     Login and select the Nick,world, then the amount of gold to boost.
  •     Click Submit and wait until the bar reaches the end.
  •     Enjoy the gold in the game World of Tanks.